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Perform routine upkeep once per month. Read your owners’ manual for the garage door. In the event that you don't have a manual, search for the model number on the back of the garage door, or check the pivots, lock handle, or other areas for the maker's name and ask for a manual from the manufacturer. Many owners’ manuals are available online for your free perusal.

Make a visual inspection

Take a gander at the garage door links, rollers, pulleys, springs, and other garage door equipment for indications of wear. Suspect issues? Have a qualified garage door maintenance company make and inspection and the requisite repairs.

Garage door balancing

Intermittently test the evenness of your garage door. Start with the garage door shut In the event that you have a garage door opener, utilize the disengagement component so you can work the garage door by hand while performing this test.

You ought to have the capacity to lift the garage door easily, with very little resistance. It ought to likewise stay open around three or four feet over the floor. In the event that it does not do so, it is out of balance. Have it balanced by a qualified garage door maintenance company.

Inversion test

Ensure your opener has a turning around highlight. In the event that a turning around highlight is not present, the opener ought to be supplanted. All garage door openers manufactured after January 1, 1993, are required by government law to have security features that comply with the most recent UL (Underwriters Laboratories) standards. Contact a qualified garage door maintenance company for additional information.

Test the switching components each and every month

To start with, test the balancing of the garage door. On the off chance that your garage door is appropriately adjusted, continue. With the garage door totally open, put a 1-1/2 inch thick bit of wood (a 2 x 4 laid level) on the floor close to the focal point of the garage door.

Push the transmitter or divider catch to close the garage door. The garage door must reverse when it strikes the obstacle. (Note that the base a portion of single-panel garage doors must be unbending so that the garage door won't close, however will turn around when it contacts the obstacle.)

In the event that the garage door does not reverse itself, have it repaired or supplanted. Have a qualified garage door maintenance company repair, adjust, or otherwise replace the opener or garage door.

Power setting test

Test the power holding so as to set of your garage door the base of the garage door as it closes. In the event that the garage door does not promptly reverse, the power setting might be incorrectly adjusted and require further attention. See your owner's manual on the best way to make the requisite adjustments.

Extra safety devices

Numerous garage door openers are furnished with extra security, not unlike photo eyes or edge sensors, to ensure against ensnarement. Remember that including more security gadgets won't make an old opener meet the current UL benchmarks. Ensure the extra security gadgets are appropriately introduced and balanced (see owner's manual).

Caution– Springs in garage doors are under high strain. Only qualified garage door maintenance companies ought to make the necessary adjustments to them.

Garage door springs, sections, links, and other equipment appended to the springs are under high strain and, if taken care of improperly, can bring about damage. Only qualified garage door maintenance companies ought to modify them, precisely per the maker's guidelines.

The torsion springs (the springs over the garage door) ought to just be balanced by a qualified garage door maintenance company. Try not to endeavor to repair or alter these springs yourself.

A link or other gadget ought to be introduced on the expansion spring (the spring at the edge of the garage door) as reinforcement in case the spring snaps.


Never change, evacuate, or release the screws on the base sections of the garage door. These sections are under amazing strain, and interface with the springs.


Consistently grease up the moving parts of the garage door, however don't grease up the plastic idler heading. Grease formulated expressly for garage door parts is available for purchase at qualified garage door maintenance companies. Refer to the garage door owner's manual for the producer's suggestions.


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